Whatsapp, a popular app for all around the world

More than one billion people from more than 180 countries makes use of the most popular, easy to use and trending app called as Whatsapp. It is the app which allows people in staying in touch with their family, loved ones, friends anywhere, anytime. This app is free and provides the secure, simple and most reliable messaging, texting, calling and more which is available on the phones across the world. The only thing which is used by it is data charges. The major mission of this app was to get started as the alternative to SMS service.


Communicate easily

At present, the Whatsapp now supports the receiving and sending of different Medias as location, documents, videos, photos, text and even the voice calls. Their messages and calls are kept secured with encryption of end to end which states that no third person or party including the whatsapp can listen or read them. Behind all the product decisions is the desire for letting people to communicate anywhere around the world without any barriers. This app was founded by Brain Acton and Jan Koum that spent 20 years along with Yahoo. It joined Facebook in the year 2014 and continued to get operated as the different app with laser focus on building messaging service which works fast and reliably even across the globe.

Top notch service offered by whatsapp

This app is known for providing large number of services to every user around which includes the following as,

  • Messages: yes, you can send messages to family and friends for free with the usage of data connection for sending messages, so you don’t have to any SMS fees now.
  • Group chats: it allows you to create groups where you can send photos, videos, docs or message all together to more than 256 people at a time.
  • Voice calling: with the voice calling you can also talk to family and friends for free. It uses the data connection and allows you to call smoothly.
  • Sync chats: with the Whatsapp on desktop and web, one can seamlessly sync all their chats to computer so that you can chat on your choice of device anytime.
  • Send videos and photos instantly: capture the best moments and send the same to your friends and family.

With so many attractive features, this app has termed as the best app for all people